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Hulk Hogan, Anyone?

So, I had a little bit of time on my hands, a beard to get rid of, and some razors. I had some fun. But I think I was just sad becuase Crush and I didn't get to hang out this weekend after 6 weeks of trying. Well, here's to Hulk Hogan and trying to return this summer.

P.S. I'm just starting to figure the Flikr account thing out, Spidey. Nice to have some new Flikr buddies.


Blogger Christopher said...

Oh Spiff! If they managed to make a form of "Canned Zack Braff" and only sold it in San Diego, we'd have a can.


9:02 PM

Blogger Michael K. said...

Eek! Spiff's topless and photogenic.

1:33 AM

Blogger Fisher-man said...

incredible pic. do not EVER cut that stash, spiffer. keep on ..... ..... ... truckin

5:00 PM

Blogger Hula said...

Happy Valentine's Day!

12:39 PM


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