Life continues past the months of June, July, and August and so must the counselors of Day Camp.


Fish Eat Your Heart Out!

Jems has come and gone, and we got the biggest tips this week Ron Demolar can recall in history! Jems usually takes an offering that fetches about 3k but this year it ganked 11k out of their pockets! Our tips are spread out over the summer this year, but that equates to more than 80 bucks a person! Yeah!

In other news (this is pathetic) I miss being on the other side of the fence, because now that I'm back at the DC, I hardly check the blog. In other words, leave any comments you want on this post, cause I probably won't chack it. I miss you all, Tad.

Fish - Daniel and Ethan were amazing this last week and they really REALLY wanted me to tell you 'hi!' So there. I think those guys are going to be guys I look up to someday, they're really growing up.

Anyways, God's blessed this summer with another amazing DC staff and I love their hearts. Come and visit! I miss seeing more people return! You guys can stay at Gator/Mup/Rudy's place. I'm opening their doors to you. Take care, God bless and all of that.

P.S. - and Junko and Jack Pearson say 'hi' to you all (they both got killer new songs!)



Blogger Fisher-man said...

Awesome, Spiff. You have my jealousy.

I can't wait to get to DC (Day Camp, that is... not my current city). Dates should be nailed down within a few hours here...

8:44 AM

Blogger Mr. Love said...

If you come out, I'm taking you out to that dinner.

11:57 AM

Blogger alexandra said...


he was talking about "coming out" as in from his side of the country to ours, and "dates" as in his itinerary... not as in "hot dates".

ummmm, i think.

it's ok, spidey...
i know you were confused.

actually, maybe i'm just intruding here... yikes. (better left off the blog, boys)

9:34 PM

Blogger Mr. Love said...

I'm not going gay for Fisher, (he's not my type). I just owe him one.

12:49 AM

Blogger Chilly said...

jems. i miss those kids. :-( So jealous Spiffer. Tad misses you too. We'll be up there the 18th of this month. see you then!

10:08 PM

Blogger Chilly said...

spiffer if you see my girls lauren and michelle from dallasweek, please let me know!!!!!

10:36 AM


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